In Feed Rotating Unscrambling Table

An in feed rotating, unscrambling table is an automatic bottle orientator which positions bottles of various types onto a moving conveyor belt system on a production line. This unit sorts various bottle types, reducing labour intensity and improving efficiency. This unit is applied to the beginning of a conveyor belt system, production line for automatic bottle unscrambling in order to improve productivity.
Production capacity: 60 – 80 bottles per minute.
Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 1040 x 1040 x 900mm
Diameter: 1040mm
Machine weight: 80kg.
Includes speed control unit.
Rotating speed: 0 – 50 rpm.
Power: 220V / 500W.
Suitable bottle diameter: 20 – 100mm.
Suitable bottle height: 30 – 200mm.
304 stainless steel construction.