Terms when buying one of our machines.

Terms and Conditions

From date of machines/ equipment being received by customer;

  1. 6 months warranty against any structural and mechanical defects, subject to exclusions.
  2. Any repairs or replacement work/ parts required will be free of charge.
  3. Any travel/ accommodation cost required will be invoiced to the customer.


  1. Any damage found to have been caused during transport or moving of machinery once off Rhino-Pak premises.
  2. Any damaged caused through incorrect installation of machinery, electrical supply or air supply.
  3. Any damage caused through neglegence or lack of maintenance to equipment or parts.
  4. Any excessive wear and tear of machines parts caused by lack of maintenance.
  5. Any damage caused to equipment through operation by unqualified or unauthorized personal.
  6. Any damage caused through use of equipment for purposes other than its intended use.