Hand Held Date Code Print Machine

The Hand Held Date Code Print Machine can print date, month, year, expiration date and code number on packaging material.

Print numbers, letters, logos, trademarks and bars.

View machine specifications below.


Hand Held Date Code Print Machine specifications:

  • Printing line: 1 – 5, adjustable
  • Print height: 1,2 – 12,7 mm
  • Print resolution: 600 dpi
  • Print distance: 2 – 5mm.
  • Ink type: Quick-dry environmental ink, water-based ink and oily ink
  • Ink colour: Black
  • Ink jet printing system
  • Thermal inkjet
  • Hand held
  • Marking purpose: date code, batch number, serial number, production number.
  • Material application: P.E.T, glass, metal, paper, wood, plastic film, aluminum foil material, paper box, iron sheet, steel tubes, plastic tubes.
  • Power: 25 watts
  • Machine weight: 245 g
  • Machine dimensions: 97 x 70 x 45 mm